SAP Active Quality Management

As a certified SAP Service Partner, we conduct our business and services according to the SAP Active Quality Management and SAP Quality Promise which are designed to give you the necessary peace of mind that your project will be delivered with the very best principles to ensure success.

SAP AQM 10 Key Quality Principles

Understand our customer’s business objective as well as their technical requirement

Agree what can be delivered, in what timeframe and how delivery can be proved

Work co-operatively with partners to achieve customer objectives

Agree project roles and responsibilities from the outset

Make the right people with the correct level of authority, skills and experience available for the project

All projects should be managed professionally using formal methodology

Risks should be identified and managed jointly

Always develop and execute a Quality plan

Where standard SAP functionality and built-in best practice will best serve their needs, highlight this to our customer

Ensure sufficient customer staff training and help to manage the impact of change