ProfileTailor™ Suite Employee Lifecycle Automation

Automating Your Starter, Mover, Leaver Processes

Managing the employee lifecycle has become a complex and time consuming array of processes: typically just processing a new starter can involve up to 50 separate requests, often performed via eMail, to various departments such as;

  • Creating multiple system/platform logins with the correct authorizations and licences commensurate with their job role
  • A multitude of HR processes (employment, payroll, expenses etc.)
  • Facilities Management requirements (badges, parking, physical access, workspace)
  • IT needs (laptop, phone, special software requirements), asset management processes
  • Training (induction, Health & Safety, job specific training requirements)

Fast Automation of Processes

The ProfileTailor™ suite includes a sophisticated Workflow Management engine, along with a number of pre-built workflows that can fully automate the processes involved in managing your starters, movers, and leavers. New workflows can be easily created to perform all manner of tasks. Workflows typically consist of trigger steps, approval steps and action steps.

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Workflow Triggers

The Workflow Management engine can accept automated triggers, from systems such as SAP HR/HCM, SAP ECC or Microsoft AD, and then execute a number of actions based upon these triggers. For instance ProfileTailor™ could detect a new employee record created in SAP HR and then automatically, based upon the employees job title; create a new user in SAP (along with the correct licence classification) an entry in Microsoft Active Directory; provision the correct SAP authorizations and Domain Group for their job; automatically send requests to Facilities Management to provision building access, laptops; and execute any other processes that need to be performed.

Multiple System Support

ProfileTailor™ can work across multiple systems, platforms and applications - even cloud applications, for instance creating Salesforce users via API or SOAP calls. All manner of actions can be performed automatically within your systems such as creating/changing/deleting users, running transactions in SAP, provisioning roles or attaching users to AD Domains, etc.

Automatically Detect Employee Changes and Stay Compliant

The system can detect the movement of employees and instantly act upon it, ensuring that their authorizations stay within the confines of their job role. For instance, removing old authorizations and provision new ones based upon their new role, and thus ensuring that Segregation of Duties rules are maintained as employees move around the organization.

Keep your systems Secure and your Licence Assets Optimized

ProfileTailor™ can also detect dormant users and can execute automated processes to lock their access and invalidate their SAP licence. The system also has a web portal for users to initiate employee lifecycle processes themselves; for instance new user requests, new authorization requests, immediately lock all system access for a user etc.

Fully Auditable Processes

Needless to say, all processes are fully traced and auditable.

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Key Benefits

Multiple platform and application connectivity to create, change and remove users (e.g. Windows, Unix, AS/400, SAP, Oracle Apps, Salesforce etc.)

Automated detection of employee change to trigger workflows (e.g. SAP HR starters / movers / leavers, dormant users etc.)

Automatically remove and provision SAP Authorizations based upon an employee's business role

Fully Audited and centralized viewing of workflows

Receive scheduled reports and alerts of any sensitive security events

Web portal to initiate manual workflow processes such as new authorization requests or self-service password resets

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