Appsian Security Platform – A Contextual, Data-Centric Solution for SAP Security and Compliance

As threats to ERP data and regulatory requirements continue to evolve, the security features native to ERP applications are failing to keep up.

Appsian Security’s bolt-on solution extends and modernizes SAP’s security model – allowing you to fully align and dynamically enforce SAP security policies to protect your business.

The Appsian Security Platform (ASP) is an SAP Certified solution that enables dynamic, context-aware controls and fine-grained visibility for SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA. Trends such as remote work and the increasing liability of ERP data has multiplied the risk that thousands of SAP customers face each day. ASP is purpose built to help companies address these risks in a scalable fashion that balances both the demands of business users and IT security requirements.

Using the Appsian Security Platform, SAP customers can quickly scale data masking to protect sensitive information throughout their applications and control unnecessary exposure to reduce compliance risk.

Appsian combines SAP’s role-based access control (RBAC) model with its attribute-based access control (ABAC) solution to deliver a hybrid approach that addresses real-world risk. As the traditional access perimeter dissolves, access context is critical in ensuring controls are properly aligned to risk.

Dynamic security, using attribute-based access controls (ABAC), can help further fine-tune risk exposure by controlling access to SAP data and transactions based on contextual factors such as IP address, location, device, time of day and more.

Actionable insights, supplied by ASP’s Appsian360 Analytics add-on, equips companies with the ability to quickly detect insider threats, enable continuous monitoring, and expedite audits. Appsian360’s detailed visibility into user activity combined with data-centric and contextual insights allows use cases not possible with existing SAP logs and SIEM solutions.

Mitigate Remote Access Risks

Strengthen least privilege by dynamically controlling access to high-risk data and transactions based on where users are coming from.

Strengthen Data Protection & Privacy Compliance

Rapidly scale data minimization throughout SAP and capture a complete audit trail of sensitive data access.

Uncover Business Risks

Identify high-risk access, business rule violations, and anomalous activity with logging that captures data-level and contextual information in real-time.