Secure Managed File Transfer

100% Guaranteed Delivery, Highly Secure, Movement of your files, internally and externally

One of the most common weaknesses that we find when working on business process automation projects is the way that many existing processes move data between platforms, applications, or between trading partners.

Often this has been achieved at a protocol level alone, such as using FTP or sFTP. Whilst the protocols themselves can be effective, they lack some crucial characteristics of modern day business processing such as;

  • No guaranteed delivery
  • Only very basic security, often with sensitive credentials such as userids and passwords being exposed
  • No audit trail of what data has moved where and when
  • No centralized management or visualization of data movements
  • No ability to impose corporate data movement standards
  • No ability to process file movements synchronously, which is essential to ensure correct orchestration of business processes

Universal Data Mover™ from Stonebranch unifies the movement and processing of your data. It is a centralized and self-managing solution that has been built for integration with your Workload Automation tools to deliver a unified strategy for moving large files between legacy and distributed applications.

How it Works

Universal Data Mover™ is a synchronous file transfer solution. This allows full control and visibility of file transfers from your workload automation tools. As well as the base capabilities for secure and reliable file transfers, Universal Data Mover™ is rich with features that provide automation and integration.

At its simplest Universal Data Mover™ is a command or job that you can schedule to perform your file transfer tasks. But beyond this Universal Data Mover™ provides the features and capabilities needed to implement advanced management and automation of the business processes dependent on the data that you move throughout your IT infrastructure.

Secure Protocol

Universal Data Mover™ is implemented using the SSL standard. SSL provides encryption and data authentication capabilities. Out of the box all control information, such as user names and passwords are encrypted. You can deploy and enforce encryption for your files globally or on an as needed basis. Data authentication ensures that your files are delivered uncorrupted and complete.

Fault Tolerant

On TCP/IP networks the most common events that interrupt long running transactions such as file transfers are temporary in nature. For example, "premature close", and "connection reset by peer" errors. Checkpoint restart capabilities designed to recover from these errors can be complex to implement and significantly add to the overhead of file transfers. Universal Data Mover™ uses a fault tolerant protocol that is capable of automatically and seamlessly reestablishing a network session so that your files are transferred without interruption or manual intervention.

Centralized Audit and Reporting

Detailed information on all Universal Data Mover™ activities is maintained in a central repository and made available for auditing and reporting purposes.

Built-In File Monitoring and Web Services

As part of any managed file transfer strategy you need to do more than just move the files. The ability to add dynamic triggering and application event integration for certain events is key to a fully managed solution. Universal Data Mover™ provides dynamic file and application monitoring capabilities that automate and coordinate file transfer activities for business related events. Universal Data Mover™ application monitors use web services interface supporting SOAP, JMS, and MQ Series protocols.

Third Party Transfers

A unique feature of Universal Data Mover™ is its capability to remotely initiate, manage, and monitor file transfers between 2 servers from a third "control point" server. This capability allows seamless integration with your existing workload automation tools and processes.

Advanced Scripting

While basic file transfers are quickly and easily implemented. Powerful automation logic can be implemented with the Universal Data Mover™ advanced scripting.

Key Benefits

100% Guaranteed File Delivery

Centralized Visibility and Audit of FIle Movements inside and outside your organization

High levels of security ensure that there are no rogue attacks on data during transit or at rest

Enforcement of security standards for all transfers of files

Ability to run any process pre or post transfer

Synchronous visibility of a File Transfer from within any Workload Automation tool or business process

Rapid deployment on any platform; Windows, Unix, Linux, z/OS etc.

Simple integration into any application or middleware

Available as a Cloud Managed Service
Available On Premise